Stress squashers for workaholics

Is work sending your heart beat into overdrive? Feeling wired and worn out? It’s time to address stress.


Get organised 

If you’ve got a million and one things to do, but no clear method for ‘what’ to do ‘when’ – in other words, no system written down on paper or your computer, you’re in trouble. 

The mind is not the most efficient engine on earth when it comes to recalling a myriad of competing tasks, so note them down and assign each a priority. Get sorted! 

Limit interruptions 

Taking personal calls at work? This is fine occasionally, but don’t get into big catch-ups on work time. It will take you that much longer to get back in the zone. Politely explain to friends or family that you’re working and will return their call that evening, or even on the weekend.

Drink up

According naturopath Jennifer Jefferies, keeping the brain hydrated makes it easier for your grey matter synapses to transmit information. If you feel yourself getting sluggish upstairs, remember to drink around 1.5 litres of water a day. 

Reach for the fish 

Similarly, Jefferies advises that fish oil helps lubricates the brain and encourage mental clarity. Consuming 1000 mg of fish oil a day should assist you in staying on the ball.

B vitamins

B vitamins assist the body handle stress by providing support to the adrenal glands, notes Jefferies. These are best taken in the morning so as not to keep you buzzing at night (when you’re trying to wind down.) 

Talk it over

If you have a manager and you’re not handling your work load, bring it up! The solution could be as simple as delegating or getting some de-stressing time in lieu. Sometimes we can be prone to mulling on things for so long, problems can seem much larger than they are. If chatting to your supervisor fails, you may consider approaching a human resources staff member – if, indeed, your organisation has one.

Walk it off 

Exercise! The stress-busting benefits of getting active are well known. Find something you enjoy and schedule it into your calendar. That way it becomes a date – one you’re less likely to break. 


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