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About Us...

About Us

Blackmores is Australia's leading natural health company. Our quality range of vitamin, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements, and continued support of the community and environment, are among the many reasons Blackmores is the most trusted name in natural health.

At Blackmores we never compromise on quality, always placing the health and safety of our consumers at the heart of our business. We use premium ingredients from around the world, with products made to strict Australian manufacturing standards and more than 30 rigorous quality checks.

Blackmores' extensive range of vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements is developed by in-house experts using high quality ingredients from around the world and made to exacting requirements under the international Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/s) standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) in accordance with Australian requirements.

Best possible ingredients

Blackmores works with some of the world's leading raw material suppliers, going to great lengths to source high quality ingredients that comply with our strict ingredients policy.

Our strategic sourcing team travels the world to ensure we have transparency over the supply chain safeguarding quality and alignment to our sustainability principles

Expert team of formulators

Blackmores' products are developed by a highly experienced and dedicated team of formulators including naturopaths, chemists, scientists and product development pharmacists.

Each formulation is based on an indepth knowledge of the principles and practise of product formulation, along with a rigorous and comprehensive review of the latest scientific advancements in natural medicine.

Rigorously tested and approved

Each Blackmores product passes more than 30 rigorous quality tests and checks during all stages of the manufacturing process. 

We also commission independent chemical and microbiological testing at GMP-licensed laboratories for all our products, as well as work with a variety of regulatory and government bodies to understand the complexities of each markets' requirements and successfully achieve compliant registrations.

Research and innovation

As an industry leader, Blackmores is always seeking to drive innovation. Each year we commit to a strong new product pipeline based on the latest research and scientific findings to enable us to provide quality health solutions with a strong evidence base.

Blackmores Institute

Blackmores Institute, the academic and professional arm of Blackmores Limited, was established in 2012 with a vision to improve and promote the quality use of natural medicine. 

With a focus on research and education, our team includes researchers, academics, healthcare professionals, and educators who translate the evidence-base into practical healthcare education and resources.

Award-winning trusted brand

A leader in natural health products, Blackmores has been recognised as Malaysia's Most Trusted Vitamin and Supplement Brand. 

Blackmores is proud to deliver products Malaysians know and trust for quality and integrity, combining the best of nature and science to create a range of high quality vitamins and supplements, offering a more natural approach to health and wellbeing.