Forget it fussy eater

11 tips for getting children to eat more fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods!


1. Set a good example 

When it comes to eating fruits and vegetables, the actions of older family members will definitely influence how kids react. If you eat and enjoy fruit and vegetables every day, your children may eventually follow your lead.

2. Offer variety

Offer children a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. Choose different colored fruit and vegetables, particularly yellow, green and red.

3. Offer choices

When it comes to serving fruits and vegetables, offering kids two to three fruit or vegetable choices at each meal is a smart idea. Choosing between baby carrots or celery sticks allow children to make decisions and exercise power.

4. Add fruits and vegetables to favorite foods 

Adding fruits and vegetables to favorite foods is an easy way to get a child to eat more fruits and vegetables. e.g. if bread is the favorite, offer different types of bread and play around with different toppings. Put sliced bananas on top of cereal or add extra vegies to spaghetti sauce.

5. Involve your child in food preparation and planning

Kids are more likely to try something they've helped prepare. Get your kids interested in making fruit and vegetable recipes or have them help find recipes to try.

6. If a food is rejected, don't make it big deal - try it another time

Children may need to taste a new food a number times in order to decide whether they like the taste.

7. Make mealtimes sociable and enjoyable rather than a chore

Eat together as family as often as possible.

8. Don't give children new foods when they are tired and fussy 

When this occurs, they are less likely to try it or enjoy it.

9. Make it easy

Keep a bowl of fresh fruit handy, and vegetables such as peas, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and mushrooms in the fridge to grab for a quick snack.

10. Don't offer snacks close to meal times

This will help ensure your children are hungry and will more likely eat what is on their plate.

11. Make meal times fun 

Capturing the imagination of kids can make eating fruits and vegetables more exciting. Present young kids with cut up fruits and vegetables, and then let them create funny faces or animals. While creating their masterpiece, they're likely to snack on the tasty building blocks.


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