CoQ10 150 mg

CoQ10 50 mg


Specially designed to enhance energy production.


MUI Halal Certified
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Blackmores CoQ10 has been specially designed to enhance energy production. Blackmores uses oil-based Coenzyme Q10 from a natural source to ensure optimal absorption of this important nutrient. Contains ubidecarenone 50mg.


Coenzyme Q10 is found naturally in the body and plays an essential role in the production of energy. As such it is important for health. The body's ability to synthesize CoQ10 declines with age.

CoQ10 assists in maintaining healthy body. Low levels of CoQ10 have been found to be a contributing factor in many primary health problems.


Adults - Take 1 to 2 capsules a day with meals.

Active Ingredient

Coenzyme Q10 (Ubidecarenone) 50 mg

No added yeast, gluten, wheat, milk derivatives, preservatives, artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Regulatory No.

KKLIU 3446/2021, valid until 31 December 2023
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