Blackmores Product Halal Status Update 2019

Latest halal status update on Blackmores products.

All our Blackmores products except Bio Zinc Plus, Bilberry and Digestive Enzymes Plus (rest assured that all Blackmores products are porcine-free) which are sold in Malaysia have been certified halal by Al-Iman Islamic Society Incorporated Australia (formerly known as Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Australia Inc). The halal certificates are valid until February 2020 and will be renewed yearly to maintain our halal standard.

Al-Iman Islamic Society Inc. has investigated the Blackmores plant and is satisfied that they are free of any impurities prohibited under Islamic Law. Al-Iman Islamic Society grants the site plant HALAL status. Muslims and non-Muslims can consume products Halal Certified with satisfaction. Al-Iman Islamic Society Inc is recognized by Jakim, Malaysia as a certified halal governing body from Australia. (

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