Blackmores Malaysia awarded the Superbrands 2013

Blackmores Malaysia has been awarded the Superbrands status for three consecutive years (2011-2013) and also recognised as the Most Trusted Vitamin and Supplement Brand in the 2012 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Survey.

Blackmores Malaysia has been awarded the Superbrands status for three consecutive years (2011-2013) and also recognised as the Most Trusted Vitamin and Supplement Brand in the 2012 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Survey. Blackmores Malaysia has also won a number of product recognitions from the Guardian Customer Choice Awards and the Watsons HWB Awards, for key products like Fish Oil, Multivitamins, Vitamin C and Glucosamine.


The company’s success story began in the 1930s with a man named Maurice Blackmore. An English immigrant in Australia, Maurice passionately believed that one of the keys to a person’s well-being lay in the healing properties of various herbs and minerals afforded by nature itself. A man with a vision far ahead of his time, Maurice propagated a holistic approach to healthcare that was based on naturopathic principles, much to the chagrin of orthodox medical practitioners at the time.

Maurice was a fierce advocator of drugless therapies, focusing instead on improving the everyday elements that can affect the well-being of our minds and bodies – our sleep patterns, stress levels and even dietary and lifestyle habits. He also established several clinics offering treatments based on these naturopathic principles, as well as published newsletters and health bulletins to help educate the public on natural health.


Since its founding over 80 years ago, Blackmores has continuously pushed boundaries and challenged norms to deliver healthy people and a healthy planet. It was the first to provide consumers with premium personalised services such as free naturopathic advisory service, and have also established Blackmores Institute with the purpose of it becoming a centre of excellence in the field of complementary medicines, health research and education.

Recently, Blackmores launched a Concept Store in Malaysia aimed to provide added value health services to consumers, by providing first and foremost what the company was founded on – naturopathic principles. The qualified naturopath consultants in the stores will provide an in-depth assessment of each individual’s needs by reviewing their diet and lifestyle patterns.  The Concept Stores are located at Mid Valley Megamall KL and Queensbay Mall Penang.

The Blackmores Concept Store also serves as an education and information hub for natural and holistic healthcare, and offers other personalised products and services including exclusive gift boxes for gifting seasons and collection of loyalty points. Aside from that, the store will feature Blackmores’ wide range of natural vitamins and supplements that cover various aspects of healthcare. Trained and qualified health consultants will be on hand to make it easier for consumers to select the products most suited for them.

Consumers can also access Blackmores Health Advisory Service which provides health advisory via its hotline, 03-79550993, and email, [email protected] It is supported by a team of professional naturopaths and health consultants from whom consumers can receive advice on various health issues and concerns. Apart from providing advice on the types of supplements to take, the team of naturopaths and health consultants also assists consumers in putting to practice a holistic approach to health in their everyday lives.


Blackmores has a strong commitment to providing customers with quality, safe and efficacious products. Their products are consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers as well as comply with regulatory requirements.  Blackmores strongly supports the industry regulations and has robust processes in place to maintain compliance with the regulations.

Blackmores’ quality assurance processes include extensive research process to expertly assess evidence to support our claims and the products are made to exacting pharmaceutical manufacturing standard requirements under the international Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. Over 3000 stability tests are performed each year with all suppliers thoroughly audited and all raw materials used are assessed and quality approved.


Blackmores encourages a proactive approach to health for fellow Malaysians. To do this, it aspires to empower consumers with relevant health knowledge so they can make guided decisions about their health. It aims to become people’s first choice in healthcare supplements. Blackmores achieves this by translating the company’s unparalleled heritage and knowledge into innovative, quality and branded healthcare solutions that work.

Blackmores remains committed in projecting its primary brand elements of reliability, effectiveness and affable services through ongoing research and development programmes, as well as regular consultancies rendered to Government Authorities, media and health experts in areas pertaining to natural healthcare.

Passion for Natural Health, Integrity, Respect, Leadership and Social Responsibility are the corporate values of Blackmores.