Consult your healthcare professional if your lesions ooze fluid or show other signs of infection, and to discuss the options available for severe or resistant infections.



  • Persistent, itchy rash - worse at night 
  • Located between the fingers or around the wrists, elbows, navel, nipples, lower abdomen, and genitals 
  • Clusters of small red lumps 
  • Very fine red wavy lines may radiate from the lumps 
  • Dry, scaly skin 
  • Bacterial infection may occur if scratching causes the skin to break


Scabies mites need a human host in order to survive and are most common in environments such as nursing homes and childcare centres as they are transferred to other people via close personal contact. Symptoms usually appear two weeks after infestation.

The female parasite burrows under the top layer of the skin to lay her eggs - the small clusters of bumps are the eggs under the skin.

Natural Therapies

  • Chickweed ointment may help to relieve the itching 
  • Try applying diluted tea tree oil to the rash to kill the infestation

Life Style Factors

All household surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and treated as scabies can live on any surface for about three days. Clothing and bedding should also be treated and disinfected. Store stuffed animals and other hard-to-wash items in air-tight bags for at least a week.


Practice scrupulous personal hygiene if anyone in the household contracts scabies, and follow the procedures listed above to prevent the mites passing on to others.

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