Consult your healthcare professional if: 

  • Over-the-counter remedies don't work 
  • Your condition worsens


Eczema and dermatitis are both skin disorders, similar in appearance, and are usually caused by allergies, dietary factors or metabolic disorders. The more common of these two types of external skin problems in children is atopic eczema, and those who suffer from eczema often suffer from other allergic conditions such as asthma.


Allergies, dietary factors or metabolic disorders.
Diet - The diet should exclude any foods that exacerbate the condition. Common problem foods include: 

  • Dairy products 
  • Eggs 
  • Artificial colours and flavours 
  • Preservatives

Natural Therapies

The mineral zinc is a traditional treatment for many skin conditions, as is vitamin A.
A herbal ointment made of paw paw or chickweed may also be of assistance, and should be applied several times per day
Evening primrose oil has been clinically found to help reduce the severity of eczema in both children and adults.

Life Style Factors

Increase the amount of essential fatty acid -containing foods such as deep sea fish; eg salmon, sardines, linseeds, sunflower seeds and oils from these in your diet.


Avoid allowing chemicals and detergents to make contact with the skin.

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