Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between “Dietary Supplement” and “Health Supplement” on the bottle labelling?
There is no difference in terms of product content on bottles labelled "Health Supplements" and "Dietary Supplement". The change was made due to the Malaysian Drug Control Authority regulations, therefore currently all stocks need to be labelled “Health Supplement”. Some of the products in the stores may still have the “Dietary Supplement” on the bottle label which can still be consumed. 

2. Can I take all my supplements together?
Yes. It is safe to take all the supplements together. You may separate some of the supplements (after breakfast, lunch or dinner) if you have a weak stomach (gastric issues). Do ensure you take the supplements after meals.

3. Can I take my supplements together with medications?
It is not advisable to take both medications and supplements together. A general rule of thumb will be to leave a gap of at least 2 hours between your medications and supplements to avoid any possible interactions. 

4. Can pregnant or breastfeeding women take any of Blackmores products?
Not all products are suitable or recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Do email to [email protected] to check if the product you would like to take is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

5. How do I know if a Blackmores product is genuine?
All medicinal products, including health supplements must be registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) before they can be sold or marketed to consumers. Registered medicinal products must carry both Registration numbers (e.g. MAL20125467T) and a Farmatag Hologram label on its label or packaging. The hologram on the bottle is also a sign of authenticity as each bottle of supplement has a unique code which cannot be duplicated. If you are still unsure, you may email [email protected]

6. What product helps to maintain healthy skin?
Aged/Dull/Dehydrated skin 
Blackmores Luminous contains patented Nanonised Pomegranate extract which has 40 times higher absorption compared to pomegranate juice. It is a refreshing and delicious fruity tonic drink which is 100% natural with no added sugar. It may help protect the skin against wrinkles and pigmentation formation. Studies have shown that the skin is more hydrated and supple after 8 weeks of consumption. Drink 1 bottle a day. 

Blackmores Collagen 10,000 mg consists of fish collagen, grape seed extract and vitamin E. Fish collagen contains elastin and collagen that increase the firmness of the skin as well as to aid skin regeneration and repair. Grape seed extract has anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, while vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that protects our skin from free radicals. Drink 1 bottle daily for 6 days, and 1 bottle every alternate day for maintenance. 

7. What product helps to maintain healthy hair? 
Blackmores Vital Shine is a combination of essential nutrients such as mulberry, bamboo shoot, millet seed, white tea extract and sea buckthorn that support the maintenance and growth of healthy hair by strengthening the hair roots. This product can be taken with other companion products to target specific hair-related problems. Drink 1 bottle a day for 12-16 weeks, followed by 1 bottle every other day for maintenance. 

8. I would like to understand more about the suitable supplements to be taken by me and my family. Who can I consult?
You can call Blackmores Health Advisory 03-5022 8263 or email to [email protected] to speak to our highly trained, qualified naturopaths who can advise you further on the suitable supplements for your health condition.